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Seven Positive Thinking Books


What better way to start, or end, your day than by picking up one of the many Positive Thinking books out there? You'll get your day started right and you'll hit the sack and remove some of the stresses of the day.

Do this for 30 days and you may surprise yourself with the changes you see in your outlook and attitude.  And now, in no particular order:

  1. The Power of Positive Thinking
  2. Everyday Positive Thinking 
  3. Positive Thinking Every Day
  4. The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking
  5. The Secret
  6. The Law of Attraction
  7. Positive Imaging

"This book is written with the sole objective of helping the reader achieve a happy, satisfying, and worthwhile life." -- Norman Vincent Peale

The precursor to The Secret, The Power of Positive Thinking has helped millions of men and women to achieve fulfillment in their lives. In this phenomenal bestseller, Dr. Peale demonstrates the power of faith in action. With the practical techniques outlined in this book, you can energize your life -- and give yourself the initiative needed to carry out your ambitions and hopes.

Each day, randomly open this book to a couple of positive thoughts, and you’ll find that your outlook becomes a whole lot brighter!

A reviewer states: This is a wonderful compilation of quotes and affirmations from some esteemed Hay House authors. The authors represented in this book are on the cutting edge of their respective areas of expertise; with this portable treasure trove of wisdom, you'll be able to beneift from their insights, brighten your day, and bring yourself back to center.

An Inspiration for Each Day of the Year

Norman Vincent Peale's philosophy of positive thinking has had an unprecedented influence on millions of people throughout the world. Now, the wisdom of nine books -- including The Power of Positive Thinking -- can be found within these pages. Timeless in their message, invaluable in the course of daily life, Dr. Peale's classic books provide inspiration when you most need it and lead the way to a fuller, happier, more satisfying life. With a new introduction by Dr. Peale, Positive Thinking Every Day will help make your every day the best it can possibly be.

Tibetan Bön medicine is one of the world's oldest and most sophisticated systems of healing -- and the only one endorsed by the Dalai Lama. In The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking, Christopher Hansard draws upon the practices and principles of Bön, along with his own knowledge of Tibetan teachings, to offer a series of simple, soulful meditations and exercises that can help you achieve spiritual, emotional, interpersonal, and professional success.

The Controversial Secret. Some love it and swear by this book (and movie, etc.) and others consider it to be little more than a marketing scam.

In Hardcover.

A reviewer states: It has been said that we "create our own reality". Regardless of whether or not we are doing it intentionally, we draw circumstances and people towards us that match our vibration (feelings). We are constantly thinking thoughts, and those thoughts produce feelings (vibration). The Law of Attraction teaches us how to deliberately attract more of what we want (as opposed to unconsciously attracting what we don't).
The concept is a form of mental activity called imaging. It consists of vividly picturing in your mind a desired goal or objective and holding that image until it sinks into your unconscious mind, where it releases great untapped energies.